15.04.2022 - Kosmetik

New SCCS Opinions Cosmetics on Methyl Salicylate and Kojic Acid

Recently, two new opinions of the SCCS (EU Scientific Committee on Cosmetics) were published.

The first is an assessment of the ingredient kojic acid. This substance is used for skin lightening and depigmentation. Currently, this substance is not further regulated under Regulation 1223/2009, but is under observation as a so-called endocrine disruptor. The current opinion recommends a maximum amount of 0.7% in cosmetic end products. 

Methyl salicylate is used in cosmetics primarily for perfuming. In 2021, this substance was classified by the ECHA as a CRM substance category 2. Consequently, a maximum quantity restriction is expected to take place in December 2022. 

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Source Kojic acid:

SCCS - Final Opinion on Kojic acid 

Source Methyl Salicylate:

OPINION on Methyl salicylate