We organise special industrial and personal hygiene and HACCP trainings. Their curriculum is easy to comprehend, and they impart the right knowledge and sensitise the participants. We will gladly gear our trainings to your needs and will answer any question that may arise during your staff’s daily routines.

Through regular hygiene trainings and staff briefings, food companies also comply with Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 and the German Infection Protection Act. BAV hygiene trainings meet DIN 10514.

A hygiene training’s curriculum may include:

  • introduction/food production risks
  • microbiology basics (properties, living conditions …)
  • industrial & staff hygiene
  • briefing pursuant to § 43 Subsection 4 German Infection Protection Act
  • cleaning and disinfection
  • HACCP concept and documentation
  • uccess monitoring & quiz

When the training is concluded, participants will get a training certificate.

We will, of course, include other topics, just as you see fit, or prepare a company-specific training programme. We also provide convenient and flexible online trainings.

We will gladly furnish you with an attractive quotation!

Conny Lechner | phone: 0781-96 94 7-13 | email: (for the food trades and communal catering)

Dirk Lorenz | phone: 0781-96 94 7-23 | email: (for food manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers)

Joelle Nussbaum | phone: 0781-96 94 7-243 | email: (for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals)