fast and reliable

With fast and reliable services all around quality assurance we support you in the production and marketing of flawless products. We want to offer you more than only laboratory results. This is our claim and that is what makes us different.


  • we provide laboratory results in a very short time. Our lab is working 7 days a week.
  • we have experienced employees and uncomplicated procedures
  • using our online tool all partial and final test results are immediately available


  • we deliver correct results in connection with competent and practically oriented consultancy
  • you have a fixed contact person who is easy to reach
  • our employees give their time and attention to your wishes openly and flexibly

Our goal is to offer you fast and reliable solutions from the sample collection up to the interpretation of the results. Your satisfaction is our most important motivation!

Simply try us and do not hesitate to personally contact us, should we not keep our promises. This is extremely important to us!

Julia Paustian and Reiner Schmider

Julia Paustian | phone: +49 (0) 781 / 9 69 47 - 11 | email:

Reiner Schmider | phone: +49 (0) 781 / 9 69 47 - 182 | email: