23.12.2021 - Kosmetik

New article in SOFW Journal - MQM to control quality costs


In the current December issue of the SOFW Journal, Ms. Nussbaum of the BAV Institute (on behalf of the DGK) published the following article: "Microbiological Quality Management to Control Quality Costs (Part 2)".

This article explains comprehensively how a concept for a cost-saving potential for microbiological expenses in the development and production of cosmetics can look like.

The goal is and remains product safety in compliance with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 and, in the field of microbiology, compliance with the criteria of ISO 17516.

The article follows on from Part 1, which was also published in SOFW. We wish you an interesting and informative read.

You can access this article (Part 2) here (german version).


The previous part 1 can be accessed here (german version).

Download SOFW article via Link: 

https://www.sofw.com/jdownloads/Public/2109_DGK_DE.pdf (free of charge)