08.04.2019 - Seminare / BAV Akademie

Successful cosmetics seminar at the BAV Institute in cooperation with Concept Heidelberg

The seminar on "Microbiological quality management for cosmetics and non-sterile drugs" in the premises of the BAV Institute on April 03 and 04 was a complete success. The seminar with far more than 40 participants and speakers took place in cooperation with the well-known seminar provider Concept Heidelberg.

On both days, the following topics, among others, were examined and discussed in more detail:

  • Regulatory requirements and limits
  • Performance of proficiency tests
  • Procedure for positive microbiological findings
  • Fluctuations in microbiological results
  • Testing of water and raw materials
  • Performance of preservation load tests
  • Microbiological environmental monitoring
  • Cooperation with external partners and laboratories

Experienced speakers from the BAV Institute (Ms. Joelle Nussbaum, Ms. Nadine Mühle, Ms. Anne Steinberg and Dr. Bernhard Fellenberg) as well as from the authorities (CVUA Karlsruhe, Ms. Andrea Keck-Wilhelm and the government of Upper Franconia, Dr. Franz Schönfeld) and other companies (including Dr. Babor GmbH, Emil Kiessling GmbH) provided interesting insights into a wide variety of microbiological topics.

The importance of a holistic MQM system (microbiological quality management) as well as regular monitoring and testing of the products were emphasized. The tests as such are carried out in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur.) for pharmaceuticals, and DIN EN ISO 17516 is used as the basis for cosmetic products.
The appropriate microbiological expertise is essential.

The BAV Institut and especially the team of the customer advisory service cosmetics/pharmaceuticals would like to say thank you to all participants and speakers. Your visit and your participation were a great pleasure for us. We are looking forward to seeing you again at one of the next events at our house.