06.05.2022 - Lebensmittel

Where does the salmonella in "Ferrero" products come from?

Where does the salmonella in "Ferrero" products come from?

At the Belgian plant of the chocolate manufacturer "Ferrero", salmonella was detected in two buttermilk tanks in December 2021 and January 2022 during in-house inspections. The products manufactured from them were detained. In addition, the company then introduced some hygiene measures and increased sampling and testing of products and the processing environment. However, no notification went out to consumers.

In late March 2022, scientists linked the Salmonella strain identified at that time to numerous cases of illness in several European countries. The result was a recall of all batches of "Kinder" brand chocolate products manufactured in Belgium. 

As of 02.05.22, a total of 151 genetic cases have been reported from 11 countries, with a suspected link to consumption of the chocolate products involved.

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